Cloud Interoperability

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Project Title Cloud Interoperability Cloud Interoperability
Project PI
Primary Researcher
Start Date February 2014
Project Length 6 months
Summary Date
Project Completion

Project Description

Interoperability is a key problem to facilitate migration between cloud solutions. Interoperability avoids vendor lock-in and allows cloud consumers to migrate between cloud providers. Interoperability is also a requirement for providers if hybrid cloud mechanism such as cloud bursting or disaster recovery are to be implemented across possibly heterogeneous cloud platforms.

Propose Solutions

A check list of changes that will need to be made to applications to optimise and enhance their use on PaaS. Will initially be implemented manually but can be automated at a later stage, either as an IC4 project or through a member-specific project. Initial focus on Azure PaaS but with goal of broadening to other PaaS platforms.

Current Landscape

Appzero, Racemi, CloudVelocity, SkyKick, River Meadow (SaaS)

Industry Impact

High Impact Results

The project will provide solutions that will speed-up and simplify the process of migrating on-premises applications to a PaaS platform. The 'impact' of this research will be to accelerate the rate at which end users move applications to the cloud, leveraging the lower cost and increased performance potential of the cloud. It will also increase trust in the cloud by demonstrating the dependability and QoS of the migrated application.

High Impact Results

- Migrate an open-source application to an Azure platform, both before and after optimisation, in order to quantify benefits of an automated migration tool.

Industry Sponsors

Microsoft, Fujitsu

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