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Title Authors Conference/publication Publication Date
1.Software Engineering Meets Control Theory .AFilieri, Maggio, Angelopoulos, D’Ippolito, Gerostathopoulos, Hempel, Hoffmann, Jamshidi, Kalyvianaki, Klein, Krikava, Misailovic, Papadopoulos, Suprio Ray, Sharifloo, Shevtsov, Ujma, Vogel
SEAMS 2015Italy, 2015
2.How Different Coordination Policies Affect Cloud Elasticity: An Experimental Enlightenment
Soodeh Farokhi, Pooyan Jamshidi, Helmut Veith, Claus Pahl, Ivona Brandic
  CAC 2015 USA, 2015
Vertical Scaling of Cloud-based Applications: A Control-theoretic ApproachSoodeh Farokhi, Pooyan Jamshidi, Drazen Lucanin and Ivona BrandicICAC 2015France, 2015
4.Self-Learning Cloud Controllers:Fuzzy Q-Learning for Knowledge EvolutionPooyan Jamshidi, Amir Molzam Sharifloo, Claus Pahl, Andreas Metzger, Giovani EstradaSEAMS, ICSE 2015Italy, 2015
5.Contemporary Analysis and Architecture for a Generic Cloud-based Sensor Data Management PlatformEmeakaroha, Fatema, Healy, MorrisonSensors & Transducers JournalAccepted In press January 2015
6.Building Trust in the Cloud Environment: Towards a Consumer Cloud Trust LabelLynn, T., van der Werff, L., Hunt, G., Corcoran, D., Xiaong, H., Morrison, J., Healy, P.ICDS 2014: The 8th Intl Conf. On Digital SocietyIn Press 2015
7.A Delphi Approach to the Development of a Cloud Trust LabelLynn, T., van der Werff, L., Hunt, G., Corcoran, D., Xiaong, H., Morrison, J., Healy, P.Intended submission to Journal of Computer Information SystemsIn Press 2015
8.Towards the Development of a Cloud Service Capability Assessment Framework.Carroll, N., Helfert, M., & Lynn, T.In Zaigham Mahmood (Ed.), Continued Rise of the Cloud (pp. 289-336). London, United Kingdom: SpringerPublished 2014
9.Property Based Attestation for a Secure Cloud Monitoring SystemAbir Awad,Sara Hamouda, Brian Lee, Shuaijun Zhang.The 1st International Workshop on Trust in Cloud Computing (IWTCC2014)London, UK, 2014
10.Handling Human Uncertainty in Self-Adaptive SoftwarePooyan Jamshidi, Aakash Ahmad, Claus PahlICSE 2014 New Ideas and Emerging Results (NIER) TrackUnder review (May 31-June 7)
11.Robust Control of Uncertainty in Self-Adaptive SoftwarePooyan Jamshidi, Aakash Ahmad, Claus PahlCBSE 2014: 17th International ACM Sigsoft Symposium on Component-Based Software EngineeringUnder review (June 30 - July 4)
12.Towards a Generic Cloud-based Sensor Monitoring Platforms: A Survey and Conceptual ArchitectureEmeakaroha, Fatema, Healy, MorrisonThe Eighth International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications SENSORCOMM 2014November 2014
13.To trust or not to Trust: Exploring the motivations underlying leader-follower trust decisionsLegood, A., van der Werff, L., Weibel, A. & Buckley, FFINT 8th Biennial Workshop on Trust Within and Between Organisations, November 2014 and British Academy of Management, September 2014, Belfast.Presented November 2014 And Sept 2014
14.Workload Patterns for Quality-driven Dynamic Cloud Service Configuration and Auto-ScalingZhang, Xu, Jamshidi, Pahl, ZhuICSOC 2014: 12th Intl Conference on Service oriented ComputingParis, Nov. 3rd – 6th, 2014
15.Orthogonal Variability Modeling to Support Multi-Cloud Application ConfigurationP. Jamshidi and C. PahlSEACLOUDS workshop, ESOCC 2014London, UK, 2014
16.Application Level Monitoring and SLA Violation Detection for Multi-tenant Cloud ServicesEmeakaroha, Netto, Brandic, De Rose(Book chapter) In Emerging Research in Cloud Distributed Computing Systems Editor: Dr. Susmit Bagchi. Publisher: IGI GlobalAccepted In press September 2014
17.Cloud Migration Patterns: A Multi-Cloud Architectural PerspectiveJamshidi, PahlESOCC 2014: European Conference on Service Oriented ArchitectureManchester, Sept. 2nd – 4th, 2014
18.Generating Competitive Advantage from the Cloud: A Case Study in Big DataLynn, T., John, A., van der Werff, L., Hunt, G., Corcoran, D.British Academy of Management (BAM 2014)Sept. 2014
19.Cloud Provenance SurveyLee, AwadIEEE Communications Surveys & TutorialsIntended submission in August 2014
20.Getting to know you: The role of trust cues in longitudinal trust development during newcomer socialization.van der Werff, L., & Buckley, F.Journal of ManagementIn press 2014
21.Property based attestation for a secure cloud monitoring systemAwad, Kadry, Zhang, LeeInternational Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST)Intended submission in March 2014 for publication in July 2014
22.Efficient and secure chaos based cloud storage and search scheme for mobile devicesAwad, Matthews, LeeIEEE Transactions on Cloud ComputingIntended submission in March 2014
23.Cloud Computing and Social Network Sites: US Leads, Europe LosesWeber, A., Jaglo, M., Leimbach, T., Hallinan, D., Lynn, T., Bachlechner, D., Nielsen, R.O., Nentwich, M., Strauß, S. and Hunt, G.Technikfolgenabschätzung – Theorie und Praxis (TATuP)Jul, 2014
24.Quota Management for Composite Services inCloudsEwnetu Bayuh Lakew, Lei Xu, Claus Pahl7th IEEE International Conference on Cloud ComputingUnder review (June 27 – July 2,2014)
25.Resource State Monitoring of Service Transactionsin Cloud SystemsLei Xu, Ewnetu Bayuh Lakew, Claus Pahl11th IEEE International Conference on Services ComputingUnder review (June 27 – July 2, 2014)
26.Autonomic Resource Provisioning forCloud-Based SoftwarePooyan Jamshidi, Aakash Ahmad, Claus Pahl9th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing SystemsUnder review (2-3 June)
27.Towards a framework for defining and caterogising business process as a serviceLynn, T., John, A., van der Werff, L., Corcoran, D., Hunt, G.21st International Product Development Management ConferenceLimerick, June, 2014
28.Bid-Centric Cloud Service ProvisioningHealy, Meyer, Morrison, Lynn, Paya, MarinescuIEEE Intl. Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing (ISPDC), Aix-Marseille University, france24-27 June, 2014
29.Resolving Policy Conflicts - Integrating policies frommultiple authorsFatema, Chadwick4th International Workshop on Information Systems Security Engineering WISSE’14Thessalonika, Greece, 16-20 June, 2014
30.Autonomic Resource Provisioning for Cloud-Based Software
Pooyan Jamshidi, Claus PahlICSE 2014: 36th International Conference on Software Engineering, HyderabadMay 31st to June 7th, 2014
31.Seeding the cloud: Funding SMEs in the application software sector. Financing SME Growth in the UK: Meeting the Challenges after the Global Financial CrisisMac an Bhaird, C. & Lynn, T.CEEDER Conference, 2014Middlesex, Jun, 2014
32.Cloud Service Brokerage: A Template Description Framework for Services as a Utility for Cloud BrokerageFowley, Pahl, ZhangHandbook of Research on Architectural Trends in Service-Driven Computing (published by IGI Global)May, 2014
33.A User Data Location Control Model for Cloud ServicesFatema, Healy, Emeakohora, Morrison, LynnCLOSER 2014, Barcelona, SpainApril, 2014
34.A Survey of Cloud Monitoring Tools: Taxonomy, Capability and ObjectivesFatema, Emeakohora, Healy, Morrison, LynnJournal of Parallel and Distributed ComputingApril, 2014
35.Quantum Cryptography and Chaos for the transmission of security keys in 802.11 networks
Rabiha Rostom, Bacem Bakhache, Hassan Salami, Abir Awad
17th IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference, MELECON 2014, 13-16 April 2014 Beirut, Lebanon
April, 2014
36.Secure Cloud Storage and Search Scheme for Mobile Devices
Awad, Matthews, Lee
17th IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference, MELECON 2014, Beirut, Lebanon13-16 April, 2014
37.A Template Description Framework for Services as a Utility for Cloud BrokerageFowley, Pahl, ZhangCLOSER 2014, Barcelona, SpainApril, 2014
38.Building Trust in the Cloud Environment – Towards a Consumer Cloud Trust Labelvan der Werff, L., Lynn, T., Xiaong, H., Hunt, G., Morrison, J., Healy, P., Corcoran, D.The Eight International Conference on Digital Society (ICDS), March 23 - 27 , 2014 - Barcelona, SpainMarch, 2014
39.Classification and Comparison of Architecture Evolution-Reuse Knowledge- A Systematic ReviewAakash Ahmad, Pooyan Jamshidi, Claus PahlJournal of Software: Evolution and ProcessJanuary, 2014
40.Personalized Quality Prediction for Dynamic Service Management based on Invocation PatternsLi Zhang, Bin Zhang, Pahl, Claus; Lei Xu, Zhiliang, Zhu11th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2013)Dec., 2013
41.Performance Analysis of Interchange Formats for Interoperable Data Communication in the CloudEmeakohora, Healy, Fatema, MorrisonCloudAM 2013 - 2nd International Workshop on Clouds and (escience) Application Management, in conjunction with 6th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing - UCC 2013, December 9-12, Dresden, GermanyDec., 2013
42.An Auction-driven Self-organizing Cloud Delivery ModelMarinescu, Paya, Morrison, HealyarXiv.orgUnder review
43.“Potential and Impacts of Cloud Computing Services and Social Network Sites”, commissioned by STOA and carried out by ETAGLeimbach, T., Hallinan, D, Weber, A., Jaglo, M., Hennen, L., Nentwich, M., Strauss, S., Nielsen, R., Lynn, T. and Hunt, G. 2013.European Technology Assessment Group (ETAG)Dec., 2013
44.Cloud Migration Research: A Systematic ReviewPooyan Jamshidi, Aakash Ahmad, Claus PahlIEEE Transactions on Cloud ComputingOct., 2013
45.Self-Adaptive Resource Scalability for Elastic Service Provisioning in Cloud ArchitecturesPooyan Jamshidi, Aakash Ahmad, Claus Pahl1st IAIS Workshop on Cloud Computing ResearchSept., 2013
46. Migration to PaaS clouds - Migration process and architectural concernsClaus Pahl, Huanhuan Xiong2013 IEEE 7th International Symposium on Maintenance and Evolution of Service-Oriented and Cloud-Based Systems (MESOCA 2013), Eindhoven, Netherlands.Sept. 23nd, 2013
47.Quality Assurance for Open Source Software Configuration ManagementMeyer, Healy, Lynn, MorrisonManagement of Resources and Services in Cloud and Sky Computing (MICAS 2013), Timisoara, RomaniaSept. 23nd, 2013
48.A Comparison of On-premise to Cloud Migration Approaches: A Tale of Four Cloud Migration ProcessesHuanhuan Xiong, Claus Pahl, Ray WalsheESOCC 13, Malaga, Spain10-13 Sept. 2013
49.Cloud Interoperability via Message Bus and Monitoring IntegrationEmeakohora, Healy, Fatema, MorrisonDIHC 2013 - International Workshop on Dependability and Interoperability in Heterogeneous Clouds, in conjunction with Euro-Par 2013 August 27-30, Aachen, GermanyAug., 2013
50.A Contingency Model for Assessing Cloud Composite Capabilities.Lynn, T., Carroll, N., & Helfert, M.CLOSER 2013: The Third Annual Conference in Cloud Computing and Service Science, Aachen, GermanyMay, 2013
51.The Case for Cloud Service Trustmarks and Assurance-as-a-ServiceLynn, Healy, McClatchey, Morrison, Pahl & LeeIEEE 3rd Intl Conf on Cloud Computing and Services Science, CLOSER 2013, Aachen, Germany8-10 May, 2013
52.A Coordination Protocol for User-customisable Cloud Policy MonitoringMenxue Wang, Lei Xu, Claus PahlIEEE 3rd Intl Conf on Cloud Computing and Services Science, CLOSER 2013, Aachen, GermanyMay, 2013
53.Interoperability Standards for Cloud ArchitectureClaus Pahl, Li Zhang, Frank FowleyIEEE 3rd Intl Conf on Cloud Computing and Services Science, CLOSER 2013, Aachen, GermanyMay, 2013
54.Cloud Migration Process: Case Study on Business Migration Process to the CloudLukasz Ostrowski, Markus Helfert, Huanhuan XiongIEEE 3rd Intl Conf on Cloud Computing and Services Science, CLOSER 2013, Aachen, Germany8-10 May, 2013
55.Chaotic Searchable Encryption for Mobile Cloud StorageAbir Awad, Brian Lee, Adrian Matthews, Yuansong QiaoTransactions on Cloud Computing, special Issue Security and Privacy Protection on Clouds

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