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Prof. John Morrison
Prof. John Morrison UCC PI, Service Lifecycle Theme Lead
Project Title Cloud Sensor Cloud Sensor
Project PI Prof. John Morrison
Primary Researcher
Start Date February 2014
Project Length 6 months
Summary Date
Project Completion

Project Description

There is a need for generic cloud-based monitoring platform, which can be used to collect, store and analyse data from a variety of remotely distributed sensors, and which can also be used to compute and send control signals back to actuators in order to control the processes that sensors are monitoring . Solutions available today tend to be customised for a particular application. A generic, sensor monitoring cloud platform, could act as an open-API module that could be 'plugged in' to a range of sensor monitoring solutions.

Use cases

i) Connected Health, ii) Sport & Fitness, iii) industrial Control, iv) Crop and Animal Husbandry, v) Environmental, vi) Marine

Propose Solutions

A generic, sensor monitoring cloud platform module, with open and standard APIs, that could be 'plugged' in to a range of sensor monitoring solutions.

Current Landscape

A wide range of solutions, but all customised to particular applications.

Industry Impact

High Impact Results

An 'open', low-cost, easy-to-use, software module that makes it easier for companies to build complete cloud-based sensor management solutions.

High Impact Demonstrator

The cloud sensor monitoring module inter gated into a sensor management application to show its ability to read, store sensor data and to send control signals.

Industry Sponsors

Ostia Solutions, PowerOn.

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