Learn about some of our current and past projects

IC4 engages with two different, but complementary types of projects:

Core Projects

The first of these is referred to as a 'core’ project, which stems from the ‘core’ research category. The cost of this type of project is fully-funded by the centre and the results are made available to all members on a non-exclusive basis.

Targeted Projects

The second type of project is referred to as ‘targeted’ project and is tied to the ‘targeted’ research category where research projects are carried out for individual companies and the results are exclusively licensed to those companies. In return for proprietary access to the research results generated, the companies are asked to contribute to a portion of the overall project costs.

Core and targeted projects are complementary given ‘core’ research is useful in generating IP and know-how that can subsequently be used as background IP in ‘targeted’ research.

Thinking of research suggestions ?

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