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The CloudLightning project

Most people think of cloud computing as something to do with data farms and storing computer files in the ‘cloud’. Cloud computing, however, is about to change the way people start new businesses and develop existing business models. “Everyone will have the potential to create the next Facebook with the cloud infrastructure of tomorrow,” claims Professor John Morrison, Department of Computer Science, UCC, and co-founder of the Boole Centre for Research in Informatics.

Professor Morrison leads the EU-funded CloudLightning project. A project so revolutionary, it’s about to change the world for good, by using all the data that’s uploaded to the ‘cloud’. “The cloud infrastructure of tomorrow will give everyone the power to use that data to create new tools [apps] and businesses – in a sense, everyone could be an entrepreneur,” says Professor Morrison.

The cloud computing revolution is all around us, yet in many ways we just take it for granted. We are used to emailing on multiple devices, posting updates to social media and taking pictures and videos whenever we want. We expect to create easily and store enormous amounts of digital data every day.

What the CloudLightning model wants to do is allow small businesses with little or no technical knowledge “create and provide new and innovative services to customers using the computing power of the cloud”.

It truly is a Brave New World. What will emerge is yet to be seen, but Professor Morrison believes that how we start businesses and create new business models in the coming year, will be determined by the power of all the data which people all over the world upload to the cloud on a minute-by-minute basis.

The CloudLightning project, set to run until January 2018, wants to develop an “intelligent, power-efficient cloud computing infrastructure and offer consumers easier access to high-performance resources”. In other words, it wants to put the power of all that data into the hands of app developers who will create new business models.


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