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StartUps & The Cloud

The Gallery, The Helix, DCU, October 5th, 2015: It was a wet and windy Monday morning in October but this did not prevent the majority of the over one hundred people who had registered for this workshop from participating. They were not disappointed by the excellent line up of speakers who spoke about their experiences in adopting cloud computing in their businesses as well as the eloquence of the Master of Ceremonies for the event – Paddy O’Boyle.

Tony O’Dowd, Founder and CEO of KanTanMT, told his impressive startup story about growing their cloud infrastructure from zero to hundreds of AWS’s most powerful servers by offering self-learning, machine translation in the cloud.

 Tim Duggan, Business Development Manager at Digitary, spoke about how Digitary had built a company to provide a secure way to issue, store and verify credentials online and why the cloud was a key element in proving this capability as a global on-line service.

 Andrew McCarren, Founder and CEO at Emfasize, explained how the cloud could play a role in helping him build a business in providing predictive analytics on big data sets but he also explained the frustrations that he and probably very many other startups experience in understanding how best to leverage the benefits of the cloud to increase the agility, efficiency and reach of their businesses.

 Philip Healy, co-founder and CTO of Rendicity, explained how his on-demand, cloud-based rendering startup was born in the cloud and how his business could not exist without the cloud. Rendicity has built a business providing cloud middleware software solutions that allow users to securely schedule and render their jobs in the cloud, on-demand and on an intermittent basis.

IC4 would like to thank everyone that turned up on that wet and windy Monday to participate in this event. A special thanks to our speakers, MC and to Maria Johnston at DCU Invent who did all the heavy lifting in organizing the event.

Tony McEnroe

IC4 Centre Director

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