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IC4 at FINT 2016

FINT (The First International Network on Trust) was created in 2001 at a workshop in Amsterdam by a group of academics and practitioners from around the globe who are interested in the study of trust. Since then, the workshop has been held biannually around the world in places such as Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan, Singapore, Coventry. The most recent conference (FINT 2016), was held in Dublin in conjunction with IC4 and DCU Business School.

Hosted in the historic settings of The Royal of Surgeons in the heart of Dublin City centre, the conference attracted academics and practitioners in the field of trust from across the globe. The conference ran over 3 days, from the 16th – 18th of November gave attendees an opportunity to share their most recent research and ideas with the rest of their academic community. 

Trust in a Digital Context

The IC4 opening ceremony kick-started the event with a panel discussion on trust in a digital context. The panel consisted of Aidan Gallagher (Inishtech), Jack Nagle and Paul C. Dwyer (Cyber Risk International) who have combined industry experience of over 70 years.

They opened the conference by sharing their background and experience in cybersecurity and gave an insight into the importance of establishing trust online. The discussion was then opened to the floor for questions, which allowed the conference attendees to share their academic knowledge on the points raised.

Throughout the following two days, the conference also contained a number of other sessions focusing on trust in digital work platforms, trust in virtual work teams, and privacy aspects of trust in technology, including IC4 Researcher, Valarie Lyons presenting her research on Ethics - Based Privacy Protection.

Keynote Speakers

FINT organisers were also delighted to have two highly esteemed keynote speakers for the event. The first keynote speech was delivered by scientist, prolific author and public speaker, Prof. Paul Zak on his latest research applying neuroscience to improve marketing and consumer experiences. A pioneer in the field of neuroeconomics, in 2004 Paul’s lab discovered the role oxytocin plays in determining who we trust. On the final day of the conference, the keynote speech was delivered by Prof. Bill McEvily on his research exploring social networks as an organisational and strategic resource.

IC4 would like to thank all those who contributed to the huge success of this event; the event organisers from DCU Business School, the speakers and participants who traveled from far and wide to attend and special thanks to our IC4 panel.

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