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DCU’s First Symposium on Capital Markets and Fintech

IC4 along with the recently established Finance Innovation Group at Dublin City University hosted its inaugural quarterly symposium on Capital Markets and Fintech at DCU Alpha on Tuesday, 28th February.

Over 60 stakeholders operating in the financial services and technology sectors attended the one-day event to explore the future of banking, high-frequency trading, cybersecurity and legal considerations for Fintech, and the opportunities and challenges for cloud adoption in the sector.

Comprising researchers from the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4) and members of DCU Business School, the Finance Innovation Group at DCU was set up to support the Irish financial services industry on areas such as sustainable finance, capital markets, risk management, applied econometrics, corporate governance, cybersecurity and financial technology.

The key areas of discussion for this first symposium were:

  • Capital Markets Union – the European Commission’s plan to mobilise capital in Europe to support industry and infrastructure projects that need it to expand and create jobs.
  • Fintech – a dynamic segment at the intersection of the financial services and technology sectors. Innovations in cloud and mobile computing, social business, and big data analytics are transforming the financial services sector providing new opportunities for value creation.

Presentations and panel discussions from leading industry and academic speakers provided insight into the financial services and Fintech landscape and focussed on the opportunities and challenges presented by the Capital Markets Union and Fintech.

For an overview of the key areas of discussion from this event and the key points raised by speakers and panelists, please click here.

The next symposium is planned for June of this year and will focus on another aspect of finance and technology. The date for this event has not yet been confirmed but if you are interested in attending or would like to be updated on announcements, please contact

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