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Architecting your Software for the Cloud

ICS Skills, Pembroke Road, Dublin 4, November 26th, 2015: IC4, hosted by the International Association of Software Architects (IASA) and ICS Skills, presented to members of IASM at their monthly meetup. A mix of software architects, software project managers and software developers listened attentively as IC4 researchers and members described how IC4 helps companies to leverage the increased agility, efficiency and reach of the cloud.

Dr. Claus Pahl, Principal Investigator at IC4, presented the results of an IC4 research project that optimized the provisioning of cloud resources to unpredictable workloads in order for a cloud service provider to provide the contracted level of application performance to end users while utilizing the minimum amount of cloud platform resources.

Frank Fowley, Researcher at IC4, talked about the research work completed at the centre on building a catalogue of cloud migration blueprints for helping companies to identify the best architecture and strategy for the migration as well as for accurately estimating the effort required to complete a migration.

Tony O’Dowd, Founder and CEO of KanTanMT, told his impressive startup story about growing their cloud infrastructure from zero to hundreds of AWS’s most powerful servers by offering self-learning, machine translation in the cloud.

John Power, CEO and Founder of Ostia Solutions, explained how Ostia helps companies, who generate large amounts of data on back office systems, make this data available to customers over a cloud platform using services and APIs that manage the retrieval and updating of the data.

Aidan Gallagher, Co-Founder and CEO at Inishtech, explained how Inishtech uses the cloud to help software publishers to issue and manage software licences of complex software applications delivered over a variety of platforms.

IC4 would like to thank Paddy Baxter (IASM) and Louise Brennan (ICS Skills) who helped organize the event and who provided such great hospitality. A big ‘thank you’ as well to everyone who attended the event and participated in engaging Q&A.

Tony McEnroe

IC4 Centre Director

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