Vision Mission & Goals


The vision for the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4) is to be an internationally recognised, industry-led, centre of excellence for innovation and applied research, focused on accelerating the development and adoption of cloud computing in Ireland.


IC4’s mission is to develop a world-class creative environment within the Centre that will foster innovation and support the development of a team of highly innovative researchers, based at the collaborating universities. Led by its industry members, IC4 will focus its research efforts on both the development of breakthrough cloud technology applications as well as on evidence-based evaluation of their commercial value proposition.

The economic mission of the Centre is to transfer research outcomes to the national industry base so that relevant service, product and business process enhancements are delivered.


  • To conduct research projects that have been specified and agreed in conjunction with IC4’s industry members and which provide research outcomes that will help members to either commercialise cloud computing products and services or to accelerate their use of cloud computing services.
  • To leverage existing core competencies within Irish Third Level Institutes to help position Ireland as a leader in cloud computing.
  • To develop a global leadership position in targeted areas of cloud computing technology by disseminating and publishing the research results in these areas, leading to increased industry membership, increased funding and increased numbers of researchers.
  • To collaborate on research projects with leading international research institutes, who have a similar mission and goals to IC4, in order to access and leverage international best practice as well as to secure additional third party funding for its research.
  • To pioneer changes in the industry norms as they relate to business models and technology standards for next generation computing.
  • To support the development and growth of indigenous Irish cloud technology vendors and service providers.
  • To confirm Ireland as a location where inward investing companies can get access to leading-edge expertise in cloud computing as well as to a source of cloud-educated graduates.

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